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Hybrid Personal Trainer

Train people in-person and online
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Part online, part in-person you can learn at your own pace and get the support you need from the PTC team 
You’ll learn how effectively and efficiently coach clients online with our Online Coaching Blueprint course
You’ll learn how to be an in person PT, getting your Level 2 and Level 3 accredited qualifications 
You’ll be able to create multiple revenue streams and earn money when not coaching, giving you more freedom

About our Hybrid Personal Trainer course

A Hybrid Personal Trainer is one that has both in-person and online clients. There are many benefits to being a Hybrid Personal Trainer; you get to work with more clients, have more lifestyle freedom, can make more money, and have better financial security. 

You will have access to our Becoming A Personal Trainer course and the Online Coaching Blueprint; If you are looking to become a complete Personal Trainer, the Hybrid Personal Trainer course is for you.

What's included

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Become A Personal Trainer


You will enrol on our Becoming a Personal Trainer course which includes the Active IQ Level 2 and 3 Qualifications that are CIMSPA approved. Become a PTC certified trainer with our flagship PT core course.
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Online Coaching Blueprint

Coach clients online around the World

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You will enrol on our Online Coaching Blueprint course, where you will create your online personal training business/revenue stream. Becoming a more versatile Personal Trainer.
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About the PTC Team

Comprised of experts with decades of experience

The PTC teaching team is comprised of experts in the industry with decades of experience of training clients as well as academic qualifications, meaning that you are learning from people who have been in your shoes and fully understand the process of becoming a successful Personal Trainer

Personal Training Success Stories

Solid gold!
First-class foundation in exercise and nutrition programming delivered by some of the industry's finest.
It's pays to be smart, but it's pays more, to be a trainer, who's best interests, are with the clients health and wellbeing.
That alone, will help drive your business forward.
That's something that's engrained within the PTC.
They gave me the knowledge and the confidence which I needed to start my online coaching business. It was a great experience, gentlemen. 
Thanks a lot.
Simply brilliant.
The quality of their courses and the professionalism of the teachers and staff make the PTC the place you want to learn from.
All the learning and material you get will definitely leave you in the best place to start or expand your fitness career.

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