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3 easy steps to start earning commissions

#1 Join

Join for free. It only takes 1 minute to sign up and start promoting. With 15% affiliate commission, earning passive income each month.

#2 Advertise

When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with an affiliate ID. Share any product link including your ID. We track every page you share.

#3 Earn

When someone visits the link you have shared and purchases a product, you'll earn 15% not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring payments.

Why you should be a PTC Affiliate

PTC Mission

We believe that Personal Trainers have a key role to play in positively impacting the health and fitness around the globe. By providing the best education and support we aim to make the world a better place

Free course access

We are selective of who becomes a PTC affiliate. All PTC affiliates will gain access to all of our PTC courses for free. We want you to really get to know the courses, before promoting and you get to learn at the same time.

Discount for followers

We believe in loyalty and rewarding those that have shown loyalty to us. We do not offer big discounts on our courses, but we do provide our affiliates with a coupon code to giveback to their followers when enrolling

Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid and when? 

You will be paid via Paypal on the 1st of the month, 2 months in arrears. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, this is why we pay 2 months in arrears.


New Student enrols on October 28th 2020
Payout is on December 1st 2020 

If someone visits using my link how long will the cookies recognise they have come from me? 

30 days

How do I access all of the courses? 

The courses you get access to are worth 1000’s of pounds. When we have a new specialist course, it will be added to your own dashboard.

On signing up as an affiliate we will approve the application and provide you with your own log in details to our student portal. 

Do students have to be in the UK to enrol? 

Nope. All of our specialist courses are taught online and have online assessments. 

Can I earn commission on all of your courses? 

Yes and no. We have qualifications, courses and memberships.

Our Courses and Collective membership are both part of the affiliate scheme. 

Courses can be found here
Collective membership can be found here

Our PT qualifications are not part of our affiliate programme, these are the big qualifications that require in-person assessments, Our qualifications can be found here